My Favorite Tech Tools

This page lists some of my favorite tech tools with links to the websites.  It is by no means complete and will continue to grow.
Twubs is similar to Tweetchat in that it makes following and contributing to twitter chats easier.  I have come to prefer twubs as it updates the feed more quickly.
A great cloud storage and collaboration tool. It syncs across devices.

Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made

Another great cloud storage tool; syncs across all devices.
My favorite note-taking tool.  It allows for clipping from the web, importing documents to annotate.  Just an all around great application.  I use it daily. It syncs across devices.

Nothing needs to be said.

An easy tool for following and participating in twitter chats.
A great tool for following multiple twitter feeds (timeline, mentions, hashtags, etc.)
A good new option for collecting and reading favorite blogs.
A social place to store and share your book collection, currently reading, and favorite books.
An increasingly popular social networking option that I use for making educational connections and sharing.

A great, simple photo organizing and editing program from Google.  It has web publishing capabilities and a simple interface.

You need the right music when trying to work.  Pandora always plays the right music based upon the station I create.

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  1. very complete list!! thanks, im using almost all of them. one more is my favorite tool