Friday, November 2, 2012

Let's Support our #NJED

Be sure to click on the medallion above to see how you can help New Jersey schools in need after Hurricane Sandy.  It is important that we ensure that the students of New Jersey have everything that they need to succeed in these difficult weeks ahead.

Whether you are a school/teacher in need or someone who wishes to help, please check out the link.  If you have trouble with connecting, please paste the URL below into your browser.

Many people in our fine state are suffering the after-effects of this devastating storm.  There are schools and homes without power (with estimates of 5-10 days and more for relief).  The photos and video of our shore towns that have come across the news and all social media are simply heartbreaking.  As we move through the next weeks and months we will need your thoughts, prayers, and support.  Thank you for taking a moment to view my blog and even greater thanks for clicking on the link to see how you can help.

Be well and be safe.

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